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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Deadly Beauty

Aren't these shells pretty? When you would come across one lying on the beach, I suspect you could not resist picking it up. Well..., DON'T! Inside these gorgeous shells lives a very poisonous creature; a sea snail.

These sea snails possess a very small stinger which releases a variety of toxins. Each toxin targets a specific vital cell function in different parts of the body. The effect is literally paralyzing to a person and in some cases even lethal.

Because all these different toxins have their own unique effect, the pharmaceutical industry is studying several of these poisons for medication purposes. At present, four compounds based on these toxins are in clinical trials for the treatment of pain, epilepsy and the diagnosis of auto-immune disorders.

Keep an eye out for these cone shells and stay clear from them. If you are a shell collector or would simply like to take one home as a memory of your vacation then I suggest buying these beautiful cones from a souvenir shop. At least you can admire and hold them without any stings attached!



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