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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Light Festival, Ghent, Belgium, Europe

I wished I had known about this Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium, before it occurred, so I could have informed you of it and you had the option to go and see it.

The Festival lasts for four days and is held at the end of January. It is one of the biggest light events in Europe and it may be something to keep in mind for next year.

This year's theme was happiness and music and out of the 29 illuminated structures this cathedral, which was made out of 55,000 curtains of LED lights, was the main eye-catcher.

Besides being decorated with lights, you will also find interactive and projected light creations and seeing how this second year of the cultural event drew almost half a million visitors, many more annual light festivals will probably follow.

The event takes place in the center of the city and the public has no problems getting there; transportation is readily available, but not even necessary; you can easily walk or ride a bicycle from one place to the other and admire the spectacle to your heart's content.



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