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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winter Vacation: Aspen, Colorado

One of the most famous destinations to spend an extravagant winter vacation is Aspen which can be found at the upper end of the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado. At a height of around 8,000 feet, it is one out of the four ski areas in the valley.

Its history dates back to 1879, when a group of silver miners remained here in spite of an up-rise of the Ute Indians and named this mountain town Ute City. The name of the town changed to Aspen in 1880 and during 1891 and 1892 it was one of the United States' most productive silver-mining districts.

It gained popularity as a ski-resort due to its outdoor activities and beautiful nature during the 20th century, when celebrities discovered this small town. This however also resulted in Aspen being one of the more expensive vacation destinations, seeing how ski-passes range from $389 to around $1900, depending on which mountain you decide to decent from.

Even if you don't like to ski, there are more then enough other activities and attractions around to keep you, your family, and the kids busy. There is the option to go sledding, fishing, enjoying gondola rides, go ice-skating in the ice-skating ring, take a bike-ride, go rafting and camping, to name a few.

These are just a few of the things you can do in Aspen and more will follow, but whatever you do, don't be surprised when you run into a celebrity. Keep your camera handy!

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