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Monday, March 26, 2012

Fact Checking

Guest post from: Joe Castro

I have always wanted to switch from cable to satellite, but there was always one thing holding me back. I have always been under the impression that if you switch the satellite then you would not be able to get your local channels. Well after doing some research I found that with direct tv des moines you can still get your local channels and PBS. Some of my favorite shows such as The Office and Parks and Rec. come on network television. I am glad to know that I can switch and not loose these show. I don't know why I thought that you couldn't get them. I guess it was just a misconception I had. This was probably caused by someone in the past who told me this and I just took it at face value without researching it. This just goes to show you that you should not believe everything you hear. I have learned the hard way in my life to do my own research in order to verify that what I have been told it correct.



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