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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Island, Chile

This is a truly amazing and mysterious place to visit: Easter Island. This Polynesian island, formed by the volcanoes Terevaka, Poike, and Rano Kau, was annexed in 1888 by Chile and is located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.

Due to all this volcanic activity in ancient history many volcanic caves and lava tubes are present here and worth a visit, but the real mystery and wonders can be found in the 887 statues, also called moai, which were made by the early Rapanui people and are scattered all over the island.

The island derived its name from the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, who was the first European to set foot on it on Easter Sunday in 1722. It also goes by the Spanish name Isla de Pascua and the Polynesian name Rapa Nui.

Most of the triangular-shaped, 15.3 miles long and 7.6 miles wide island lies within the Rapa Nui National Park. It has three freshwater lakes which are excellent for fishing, swimming, surfing, and other water-related activities.

Easter Island is no longer one of the world's inhabited islands and the town of Hanga Roa bears witness of that. You will find pretty much all you need here, such as a church, school, hospital, a morning market, bank, post office, telephone, tex, Internet, and a supermarket.

Besides taxis, there is hardly any public transportation on Easter Island, but you can easily explore it on foot, by bike, boat, or rent a jeep, motorcycle, quad-bike, mountain bike or horse. There are also many tours available which you can attend to visit all the main attractions.

If you are looking to be amazed while enjoying some true rest and relaxation then you came to the right place, because another thing you will find here is peace, quietness, and a calm, relaxed pace!

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