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Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Impressions

Since I do a lot of research online pertaining to all kinds of interesting places to visit, including the activities and accommodations which can be found there, I have come across and still am seeing a gazillion websites pass in front of my eyes.

Some are very well built, professionally designed and offer many extra features and numerous deep-link pages, while others could definitely stand some improvement. Personally, I like to linger on the first ones, because they hold my attention and give all the information I am interested in.

In this day and age, any business could have a website which offers everything the consumer is looking for and it doesn't require any know-how to put an ecommerce website builder to good use. A great page is created with a few clicks and can be customized in any way that is needed or wanted.

I can imagine how businesses with home-made web pages, lacking some of those innovating features and with a dull appearance, would miss out on making a profit, because people tend to move on without giving it a second glance and are not likely to return.

Don't let that happen; first impressions are everything and can make or break a site!



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