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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Winter Vacation In Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Although winter is almost over it is a good idea to keep Jackson, located in the Jackson Hole valley in Teton County at Wyoming, in mind for a future vacation.

Inhabited for centuries by Native Americans, the first trading took place not long after 1806 by John Colter after whom the North and South Colter ridge are named. The area was named 'Le Trois Tetons' due to its three mountain peaks in 1820 by French-Canadian trappers.

Jackson Hole got its name in 1829 from David E. Jackson who loved trapping beavers in this area. Ferdinand Vandiver Hayden led many of his well-known Hayden Expeditions and during an expedition in 1872, several areas and land features were named after the expedition's participants.

Due to a forest fire in 1879, skiing became a popular activity here among the locals and it took a flight from there; ski lifts, the preparing and opening up of many more ski areas, trams, gondolas, and more, turned Jackson Hole into one of the greatest skiing areas in America which is and has been host to many international and national championships and events.

The beauty of the area presented by the Teton and Gros Ventre mountain ranges has got a lot more to offer then just gorgeous sceneries, but even if you just went for the views, you would enjoy every minute of your stay!

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