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Monday, May 7, 2012

Bhutan, South Asia - Accommodations

Since tourism has been growing exponentially during the past years, Bhutan in South Asia, has built many hotels to accommodate the growing number of visitors. Most of the hotels offer rooms which are decorated according to the nation's traditional style, which means they are small, good, cozy, but not very luxurious. They provide all you need though.

There are few hotels and/or resorts which have what we would consider a five star rating, but those cost a pretty penny. You can however also stay in lodges or guesthouses as well. You may not experience many luxuries, but you will experience the friendliness of the families, get a good taste of the ambiance and their lifestyle and culture.

Don't be surprised if your accommodations are not the ones you booked; it can happen that you are relocated due to insufficient rooms for all the guests, especially around the time the festival takes place, but you will be assured of another, centrally located hotel or guesthouse.

Many hotels have restaurants and the bathrooms are clean with running hot and cold water. Should you rather want to camp-out, then you have the option between huts and tents. The huts are usually found along the main trekking routes. The tents are walk-ins and have rugs on the floor, camp beds and camping armchairs. A dining tent and separate toilet tent can be found on the premises.

You will truly enjoy your time here; besides Bhutan's enchanting, amazing nature and its intriguing culture, its residents are happy, friendly, and most helpful!



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