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Friday, May 4, 2012

Bhutan, South Asia

I had never heard of this country until now. It turns out to be located in South Asia, on the East side of the Himalayas, wedged between China and India.

It is also the only Buddhist kingdom in the world and since the country was difficult to reach for an extensive period of time, many of the sparse population, 697,000 people, are still living the way they used to several thousands of years ago, in spite of the fact that nowadays they do have all the modern technology such as TV and Internet.

Even though it is a very small and poor country, the people are happy and there is no shortage of food, because the land is fertile and the crops are more then enough to feed the entire population. Environmental protection and cultural preservation are priority on the list of the Bhutanese government and that is quite understandable once you lay your eyes on its amazing landscape and scenery.

Bhutan's nature and unspoiled environment are unique, stunning, and diverse. You can admire the impressive and majestic Himalayas and endulge yourself in uncanny, amazing views of monasteries which are carved into the mountains, but look as though someone glued them to the wall and they could vanish into the depths below at any moment.

Don't worry, that is not going to happen and the monasteries are absolutely worth visiting, but those are not the only attractions and things to do in this small but beautiful country, as you are about to find out soon!

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