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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mojave Desert, United States

If you want to see natural beauty in all its glory, you have to visit and tour the Mojave Desert. Most of the 25,000 mile desert can be found in southeastern California, but smaller parts also stretch into central California, southern Nevada, the southwest of Utah and the northwest of Arizona.

The desert is named after the Native American Mohave tribe and consists of different elevations, geological formations and areas. Whether you like to see mountains, canyons, high mesas, plateaus, valleys, drainage basins, salt pans, or saline lakes after enough rainfall has occurred, the Mojave Desert offers it all.

Although a desert normally is a very harsh environment which limits and/or prevents much vegetation, The Mojave is home to about 200 different plant species and it is the only desert where the Joshua-tree can be found. Just like vegetation, the desert is also home to a large number of people which can be found in the few, but large and vibrant cities such as Las Vegas, Lancaster, California and Victorville.

If you like to see some ghost towns then pay a visit to the abandoned town of gold miners located in Oatman, Arizona, or the silver-mining town of Calico in California, but you will also encounter several more ghost towns from not that long ago, when the Interstates replaced the famous Route 66.

If sightseeing and amazing sceneries are not your cup of tea, you may want to try spending some time here anyway; you may come to the discovery that this destination exceeded your expectations and was worth every second of your time!

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