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Monday, May 28, 2012

Relax: All Is Well

This post brought to you by CDW. All opinions are 100% mine.

Running a business is hard work and a vacation is needed to relax and recharge, but how can you relax with the knowledge that all your company's data is constantly at the risk of being lost and/or stolen?

Keep in mind that there are 7 Identified Threats your data is exposed to:
- Malware menace; hackers, viruses, worms, adware, and spam for instance, can cause serious harm through stealing information or causing your computer system to malfunction.
- Attacks on web browsers; hostile e-mail attachments, spam, or pop-up ads pointing out something is bad wrong with your device and prompt you (or your employees) to download a program to fix this.
- SQL injection attack: a string of script which corrupts the application layer of a website and gives access to hackers and thieves to mess up or substitute web pages, steal your identity and manipulate databases.
- Configuration management and lockdown: too much and easy access to your software and data on mobile storage devices by unauthorized people.
- Password issues: weak passwords and/or irresponsible behavior concerning the secrecy of passwords.
- Wireless security: the increased use of wireless devices and mobile technology has opened up a realm of possibilities for thieves to capture data over the air which also pertains to cash registers and bar code scanners.
- Loss of mobile devices: many notebooks and other mobile devices get lost or stolen, but very few are reclaimed. Without good safety and security protection all the important information is up for grabs.

The last surprised me most, because I thought everyone would go out of their way to recover their possession.

Good data loss protection, also called data leakage protection, is a great aid in ensuring customer information, personal employee information, research and development data remain safe and secure.

Click on the link above and sign up at no costs to download the entire FREE exclusive resource for these 7 identified threats. It contains even more helpful information then relayed here.

Ensure to watch this video. I thought it made the how, what and why pretty clear.

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