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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sharing Some Fortune

When we go on vacation, it is mainly to rest, relax, see some of the world, enjoy ourselves and make new discoveries along the way. Not all of those discoveries may be pleasant, since not everyone has the fortune of living life in luxury.

We may encounter poverty, lack of schools and/or education, and little to no help for those with disabilities. Some may be unfazed by all this, but there are lots of people who care and try to make a difference such as those at the Hemraj Goyal Foundation.

This foundation, of which Avnish Goyal is a founding trustee, gives money to all kinds of organizations and so tries to help and improve the lives of people who constantly have to deal with the daily disadvantages.

They have already donated money to The Haven which provides free therapy to those struggling from the consequences of breast cancer, Ekal Vidyalaya; a charitable trust which sees to the availability of schools in rural India, the Strongbones Children's Charitable Trust which helps children with all kinds of bone diseases, and many more.

In order to help out, they too need donations and lots of money is raised through all kinds of events and activities. Schools raise funds by organizing a unique event and young artists donate the money from their sold artwork, to name a few.

We all can share some of our good fortune and hence make the world a better place!



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