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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Vosges, France

The Vosges, also going by the name Vogesen, is a mountain range located in the East of France, near the border of Germany and stretches from South to North-East.

Since it is a lower mountain range, uplifted and formed by glaciers, its shapes are more rounded and therefore the summits are also called 'balloons'. They are covered with forests and meadows, although you will also find deep valleys, glacial lakes, some cliffs, rocky areas, and gorgeous waterfalls here.

The Vosges are actually divided into three sections:
- the southern section which is called Haute Vosges (higher Vosges, is where the more rugged, granite terrain can be found.
- The sandstone Vosges less eroded areas can be found and red sandstone is present in large beds.
- The Lower Vosges are located in the north and consist of plates of several different sandstones.

Due to the difference in landscape, you will find amazing flora and fauna all throughout the Vosges and there are places galore offering panoramic views, rustic country sides, mountain passes, green pastures, serene forests, lovely villages and vineyards.

Since the Vosges are easily accessible by car, the Route des Crêtes, Route des Vins d’Alsace and Route Joffre are among France’s most beautiful tourist route and absolutely worthy of a drive. Besides some amazing views, they also present you with gothic churches, numerous medieval castles and their ruins, medieval houses, and century-old abodes.

In case you arrive by train, you may want to consider renting a car and driving these scenic routes; you won't regret it, but you most certainly will if you don't!

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