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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada: Warnings

Even though the Banff National Park at Alberta in Canada presents you with one, gorgeous scenery after another, it can also present you with all kinds of dangers and you should anticipate to be faced with those when being out and about in the (wild) outdoors.

- The weather is rather unpredictable in the mountains and can change in a heartbeat. Check weather forecasts, bring along warm, protective clothing and when going up in the mountains then dress in layers. Use sunglasses and sunscreen, even when there is no sun; the snow reflects UV rays.

- July is the hottest month and January the coldest. During the colder months, the temperature may feel much colder due to the dry air and also remember that the days shorten as the year progresses, which means you will not have many hours of daylight. Avalanches occur often and frequent and you would do wise to check the avalanche bulletins and information.

- When coming by car, make sure it is winterized in case you go to higher elevations and regard speed limits. Keep your eyes on the road, watch out for wildlife, cyclists and snow and pack a shovel, flashlight, blanket, food and extra warm clothing. Don't count on calling for help, because reception outside of the towns is unreliable.

- When being in the wilderness, ensure to always boil and filter water before using it or carry plenty of drinking water with you. Do some research before you leave, take a map, food, extra apparel, and overnight equipment just in case, and let someone know where you go and when you plan on being back.

- Watch your step; trails can be slippery and covered by snow and ice and watch out for loose rocks. Stay away from edges and crevasses and heed warning signs.

If you rather sit back and watch the wildlife then keep in mind that too has its pros and cons and comes with some rules you better adhere to; they are there for your safety!



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