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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bears - Safety Measures

You can diminish the risk of running into a bear by making noise. Clapping, singing, or yelling, are great ways to let the bear know you are around and eliminates unpleasant surprises in case the bear hasn't picked up your smell yet.

Another advice is leaving the area as soon as you discover (fresh) bear tracks, droppings, or dug up soil. Back out when you come across a larger, dead animal; this may be the bear's meal and it could still be lingering in the vicinity.

Never feed a bear, because it will loose its fear of humans and eventually become more aggressive towards them. When a bear doesn't show fear and/or stalks you then WATCH OUT! Those are most likely to be the most dangerous ones and when it attacks, or a bear attacks at night, then use bear spray, try to escape, or fight back. The bear will know you are not an easy prey and might back off.

It is safer to travel in groups, during the day, and by staying on the trails. Burry garbage, don't carry any toiletries and store food in air-tight containers to decrease any odors which could attract bears.

It really is best for your own safety to stay clear from any bears. They are wild animals and unpredictable. There is no such thing as a cuddly, docile, friendly and adorable bear, unless it is a Teddy-bear!



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