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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Bears are quite common in our national parks and, sometimes even outside these protected areas, it can happen that you run into one.

Keep in mind that you are NOT on top of the food-chain, if anything; you could end up on top of the bear's dinner plate. To avoid attacks, here is some advice that will be useful when you cross paths with a bear.

If you see one and are not in a vehicle; remain calm at all times and talk calmly so it knows you are not an animal. Pick up children and pets, back away slowly and, if possible, leave the area or ensure the bear has a way out. Don't scream or yell, since that will provoke an attack.

Should you encounter one while driving: don't stop. In case you parked your vehicle or it broke down then remain in your car. Slow down when you see one on the side of the road, because it can unexpectedly turn and run onto the road.

When a bear attacks then either use bear spray, or play dead by lying on your stomach with legs apart and the back of your head and neck covered with your hands. Keep your backpack on; this will offer protection to your back.

There are some safety measures you can take to avoid running into one and what those are I will share with you in the next post pertaining to bears. In the mean time: stay safe!

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