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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Unique Abodes: The Hemloft, Whistler, Canada

Should you have the opportunity to visit the forests of Whistler in British Columbia, Canada, and find yourself wandering around in the parts of the Crown Island area then don't forget to look up and see if you can spot this unique, egg shaped tree house.

It is called the Hemloft and its inventors and creators, Joel Allen and Old Man John, spent several years to build this tree house with the help of a couple of friends who are aspiring architects.

The idea sprung forth after Joel's career as a software developer ended at the age of 26, when the company he worked for went broke and Joel saw his retirement dreams go up in smoke. The long hikes through the woods were the inspiration for building an egg shaped tree house that blended in with and suited the environment.

They found the perfect spot a few minutes away from a road, in the middle of a group of Hemlocks and started their project. After having built a test house, they knew exactly how to create the strongest, perfect shape, size, and how and where to incorporate windows for light and ventilation.

Since finances were hardly available, they used free, recycled materials they found on the Internet and the result is astonishing as you can see. If you like to read the entire, detailed story then I recommend you visit The Hemloft's website where Joel Allen logged the entire process and progress.

There is just one negative aspect to this gorgeous mini-house; it is built on land that belongs to someone else and is therefore at risk of being taken down. I hope this doesn't happen and a solution can be found soon that suits everyone!



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