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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Discovering Antarctica

You may not have suspected it, but Antarctica is the fifth largest continent measuring 5.4 million square miles and is located between South America and Europe. It is the coldest and driest continent on Earth with most of its land covered in ice all year around due to its cold temperatures (varying from 5°F in summer and as low as -112°F in winter) and its icy winds.

Many have tried to explore this vast, white, cold, desolate and untouched environment throughout history, but it has only been around a hundred years ago when the first man actually reached and set foot on the South Pole.

The amazing scenes and views Antarctica has to offer, have a certain appeal; immense, floating icebergs, mountains covered with ice and snow, the artistic hand of wind and water creating breathtaking ice sculptures, glaciers working their way towards the Southern Ocean and unexpected, impressive wildlife.

It is therefore no wonder Antarctica attracts more and more tourists each year. From soaking in the wonders of nature from boat or plane, to kayaking, hiking, mountaineering, cross-country skiing, visits to research sites and hot-spots for seeing wildlife, it all can be done here.

Since the temperatures drop tremendously during winter and Antarctica is surrounded by even more ice and covered in darkness 24/7, the best times to visit is during the 'summer' months of November through March. You can make the most of this visit, because there will be daylight around the clock.

There are some disadvantages to that as well. What those are, including some more tips, hints, attractions and warnings, will follow soon!

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