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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FreeShipping.com Review – Anything but Fraudulent

Signs, posters and banners everywhere beg us to “buy this!” or “buy that!” After coming across a website called FreeShipping.com and reading all of their customers’ free shipping reviews, I learned that there are services out there that genuinely want their customers to save money. Not only does this website offer free shipping as one of its membership benefits, it also gives insider’s coupons to its subscribers that allow them to get great deals and discounts to an endless list of online stores.

At first glance, FreeShipping.com seemed too good to be true – how is it possible that I would be able to get a 30-day no-risk trial of their service for free? So I decided to call their customer care department to see if the offer was real. Their customer service representatives are some of the friendliest and most informative people that I have ever encountered. When it comes to online shopping and shipping, they really know what they are talking about. They are available for me and my questions 24/7, and I can easily find their contact information on the company website.

The representative that I talked to explained to me that by using any of the 1,500 participating cash back websites; I could get my shipping charges reimbursed through the mail. With up to $10 per claim, I would save hundreds each year in exclusive FreeShipping.com mail-in rebates. They also explained that if I wasn’t completely satisfied with my 30-day test drive of FreeShipping.com, I could cancel my trial without any obligation. After talking to their customer service department, I made the decision to give the trial a shot.

After a month of using their service, I decided to buy the subscription and I knew that I had made the right decision. In the first six months alone, I saved over $200 in shipping fees. Not to mention the money I saved by using the exclusive and special promotions that FreeShipping.com offered me.

My favorite part of using FreeShipping.com is their complete price protection guarantee. For all of my qualified purchases, I am protected by a 90-day low price guarantee. This means that once I make a purchase, if the exact same item is advertised for less online or in-store, FreeShipping.com will pay me the difference. Now that is commitment to customer satisfaction.

FreeShipping.com is dedicated to saving its customers money, and their service helps take away the stresses that come with online shopping. Such things like returns can be messy and annoying, but FreeShipping.com also takes care of that for you. In the event that you wish to return something, they will cover the cost, absolutely free. They really are remarkable.

FreeShipping.com reassured me that buying online is more than just finding the right deal, but also taking advantage of the ones out there. They save me hundreds of dollars by allowing me to save on the things I love to shop for from my favorite stores. They have really shown me what it means to save online. FreeShipping.com is the best shopping mate I could have ever asked for.



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