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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lake Matheson, New Zealand

Protected from the wind by pine forests and due to the brown color of its water which is caused by leaching of organic matter in the surrounding soil, Lake Matheson in New Zealand is turned into a huge mirror and hence also goes by the name of Mirror Lake.

It is usually in the mornings, when the gorgeous scenery offered by the reflection of New Zealand's Mount Cook (Aoraki) and Mount Tasman reaches perfection and has drawn people for several hundreds of years and still attracts people from all over the world.

The lake was formed 14,000 years ago by a receding glacier and is now part of The West Coast Tai Poutini National Park. Lake Matheson is located about 3 miles from the town Fox Glacier, but the glacier itself is still present and can be found seven and a half miles away from the lake.

The lake is definitely worth a visit, no matter what time of day, but it can only be reached on foot. There are plenty of spaces around to park your car after which you can head down the path. This will lead you to a suspension bridge over the Clearwater River and you will be able to catch your first glimpse of Lake Matheson soon after crossing it.

Once you reached this natural beauty and soaked up enough of its awesome views, you can either follow the boardwalk for a 40 minute walk to a pontoon extending out onto the lake, or take the 1.5 hours walk which leads through the forest and circles the lake. The trail is easy to follow and part of it is wheelchair accessible.

The lake used to be a good food source for the Maori since it is home to long-finned eels and many water birds. Nowadays, the best 'food gathering place' is one of the cafes that are present at the entrance of the lake's walking trail.

The combination of tranquility, serenity, natural beauty, and impressive reflections of its majestic surroundings, transform a visit to Lake Matheson into a picture-perfect experience!

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