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Monday, September 3, 2012

BW3; The place To Be

This post brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings. All opinions are 100% mine.

I honestly am glad we are not spending a family vacation somewhere else during football season, because we would run into problems scheduling visits to attractions, sights to see, and things to do, around the games one of our daughters is determined to watch.

She is a great football fan and would rather sit in front of the TV, cheering on her favorite team, than treading along to explore everything the chosen destination would have to offer. I am quite sure she is no exception, but it would be a great interference concerning family and vacation time.

However, we can kill two birds with one stone by finding the nearest Buffalo Wild Wings; we can enjoy a great meal for a very affordable price, or play some Trivia and she doesn't have to miss a lick of the game, but can watch it in the mean time on one the many big screen TVs.

Protect the football. Get to B-Dubs is definitely the best route to go. Dinner and a game at the same time will suit everybody to a tee and would make for an even better family bonding. Children would love the experience and also the food, since nothing gross or weird is on the menu.

We don't even have to be on vacation to enjoy the ambiance, food and entertainment which BW3 has to offer; it is the perfect place to bring our family and friends and ensure both young and old will have a great ole' time.

Don't just keep B-Dubs waiting in the wings. Go there and you are guaranteed to score a touchdown!


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