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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ninja New York Restaurant, New York City

The dining experience at the Ninja restaurant in New York City is not one you are likely to forget.

As the name already indicates, you can and should expect to be greeted by a ninja at the elevator and taken to the dining area. Your meal is served by ninjas as well and although all of that is already kind of different and entertaining, what else is so special and unique about this restaurant?

Well, you better keep your eyes and ears open, because those ninjas also perform some magical and entertaining ninja tricks and can even play a trick or two on you. They look and move like ninjas and may be hiding in secret places, can drop from the ceiling, and/or come out of hiding places in the walls when you least expect it.

The interior of the restaurant is built in such a way that it portrays a 15th century ninja village which adds to the already existing mystical and magical atmosphere. Expect to encounter some surprises as you make your way to your table.

The restaurant offers a Japanese cuisine and is known for its unique and amazing Ninja art dishes and drinks. The food is displayed in an artistic way; a salad on top of a grapefruit with a sword through it for instance. Upon removing the sword, it releases clouds of smoke. How about a desert shaped as and served in the form of a bonsai tree?

Stay tuned for more information and pleasant surprises concerning the Ninja restaurant; there is more to follow soon!

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