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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Route To Glow

This post brought to you by PULL-UPS® Night*Time. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is quite an undertaking going on vacation with young children; there is so much extra to pack and to bring along and the trip and new environment may disrupt the routine they are used to.

When you are in the process of a night-time potty training routine, you can turn that into a fun adventure by using PULL-UPS® Night*Time Glow in the Dark Training Pants and that doesn't limit itself to your vacation destination, but is very helpful at home as well.

The PULL-UPS® Night*Time ensures total nighttime protection due to added absorbency and are available in 2T-3T 18-34lbs and 3T-4T 32-40lbs. They appeal to the girls because they have Cinderella on them and the boys will love Lightning McQueen and Mater from Cars; it is like they are wearing Big Kid underwear.

Here is the fun part though; expose the PULL-UPS® Night*Time Training Pants to a bright light for at least 30 seconds, turn off the lights and watch them glow. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to create your own Glow Show Story.

Take a look at the PULL-UPS® Night*Time page on Walmart.com to discover how these Glow in the Dark Training Pants can help with your night-time potty training route. While you are there, enter your own 'glowing' bedtime story for a chance to win a $100 Walmart Gift Card.

The winners will be announced on this page as well. Enter as often as you like and come back regularly to read newly created stories and/or to see if you won.

Save on your next purchase with a $1 coupon or save even more by sharing the offer which increases your coupon value to $2!

Night-time potty training routine is no longer a dreaded chore, but an exciting and encouraging experience for at home and on vacation!

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