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Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Triumph With Throphies

One of our loved ones has an excellent job for which she used to travel on a regular basis. The traveling is no longer part of her position, but the company still organizes a cruise for their employees each year, as a reward for all their loyal and diligent dedication.

If I am not mistaken, during the cruise one of the workers is appointed as 'Employee of the Year'. That is great and although a financial bonus comes with it, there is no tangible keepsake to show for and represent this triumph which they could show to family and friends.

It may not have crossed the minds of the members of the board of directors to order Employee Service Awards and hand those out to the employee in question as a sign of recognition for all their hard work. They may even be under the impression that too much time and effort is involved in purchasing such an award.

The contrary is true; Able Trophies is an expert in creating Crystal Awards, Glass Awards, and Crystal Globe Honors for corporate, employee, and recognition awards. It is unlikely no applicable trophy can be found in their wide selection and customization is no problem at all.

The beauty and elegance of these crystal and glass awards exceed all expectation and have therefore become a popular choice for honoring employees and as employee and corporate recognition awards. Enjoy and enhance a triumph with Able Trophies!



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