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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Amberley Castle, West Sussex, United Kingdom

It all began over 900 years ago with a simple, timber framed hunting lodge built by Bishop Luffa of Chichester at the foot of the South Downs.

Less then 40 years later, it was turned into a more detailed and complex stone hall and between 1377 and 1382 the structure was readied for and to withstand battle and expanded with crenellated walls and a portcullis.

The castle couldn't stand up against the attack it came under in 1643. Much of it was lost and destroyed in the battle and it fell to ruins, until 1989 when it was restored to its full glory and turned into a luxurious hotel.

Amberley Castle is situated about 60 miles south west of London and 22 miles away from Brighton. The 60 feet curtain wall with a twin-tower gatehouse to the south and a kitchen block and a tower with gun loops to the north, instigate a feeling of safety which is enhanced at night when the working portcullis is lowered.

The 12 acres of ground that belong to the castle offer magnificent, serene, and sometimes eerie views, especially in winter when the environment is veiled in the mist rising from the river Arun which runs on the south and west sides of it.

The interior of the castle takes you on a magical tour through ages of history with its antique and ancient decorations, suits of armor, and more artifacts. I wouldn't be surprised, when laying your head on the pillow in one of the luxurious bedrooms at night, you would hear sounds of centuries past!

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