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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Biminis, Bahamas

When you would leave the mainland of the United States, starting in Miami, Florida, and go 53 miles to the east, you would land on a chain of islands called Biminis.

Biminis is part of the Bahamas and consists mainly of North and South Bimini which are the largest islands. Both islands are relatively small and offer residency to a total of around 1600 people.

You can take the "fast ferry" between South Florida and the Biminis, use your own vessel, or take a plane to South Bimini Airport. Either way, when setting foot on these islands you will find yourself in another world.

Life is slow, laid-back, and the people take it easy, enjoying life. Serene white, sandy beaches and secluded, tranquil spots can be found here. Mangroves stretch out for miles and the ocean offers amazing views, displaying a galore of different tints of blue and green.

Take a relaxing stroll or rent a golf cart or bike and explore the islands. The locals are friendly and helpful and always up for a talk. Small shops, restaurants, bars, and the only bank can be found on North Bimini in Alice Town, along its one and main road "The King's Highway".

When you had enough relaxation, are fully recharged, and like to get active then you are also in the right place. Stay tuned, because these islands have much more to offer then just a safe, beautiful environment and a laid-back lifestyle!

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