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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Barbie Café, Tapei, Taiwan

If your daughter is big on Barbie, you may want to surprise her with a visit to the newly opened Barbie Café. Before you do so, you better start thinking pink and expect your budget will not be tickled pink, because it requires obtaining plane tickets and accommodations in Tapei, Taiwan.

Once you set foot in the 2,165 square feet establishment, the pink and magenta colored interior can't be overlooked; high-heeled bar tables, corset-resembling and tutu-adorned backs of the chairs, and Barbie-illustrated walls.

You will see jewel-encrusted chandeliers, and employees in pink Barbie outfits complete with glitter and tiaras, creating the illusion you stepped right into Barbie's world. That feeling is enhanced by a huge Barbie box where customers can step into and get a feel of what it is like being a life-sized, packaged Barbie.

The menu varies from soup to steak to sweets and more and offers many choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All those dishes are nutritionally accounted for by professionals and come with a calorie chart on the first page and calorie count next to each dish. The prices for a meal are very reasonable; just around $10.

Claims that this is the first Barbie themed restaurant are not entirely true. Mattel, the toy-manufacturer, opened a concept store with a café in Shanghai in China about 4 years ago. It had to shut down two years after its opening, because the endeavor was not profitable.

The expectations are high concerning this Barbie Café which opened its doors on January 30th of this year. It is located in the busiest shopping district of the capital and many one-of-a-kind themed restaurants are thriving here.

Plans for opening several more Barbie Cafés are on the table, none of which would be in the U.S. though. I guess it all depends on whether this restaurant is in the pink or not. It sure is color-wise!



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