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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cardboard Restaurant, Taichung, Taiwan

Since I was talking about odd, weird, and unique restaurants, I thought I would stay on the subject and bring the Carton King Restaurant in Taichung, Taiwan, to your attention.

Not only is this restaurant's theme based upon cardboard, but the cups, plates, bowls, walls, decorative artwork, and even all the furniture are made out of this recycled material.

It all began in 1984 when Huang Fang Liang returned to his hometown Taichung and decided to start a paper and cardboard packaging company that focused on unique dimensional packaging. By thinking outside the box, he built an outstanding reputation.

The restaurant gives you a real good idea and experience of what all can be done with recycled, corrugated cardboard. Don't worry about breaking anything; the cardboard items and furniture are all extremely sturdy and strong and it takes quite some force to destroy them. In case it happens anyway, it is replaced without any problems and will be recycled.

You will not leave the restaurant without a souvenir. The drinks you order with your meal come in a cardboard box complete with handle and a coin opening, which you can take with you. After removing the sack that holds your beverage from the inside, the box can then be used as a piggy bank.

As far as the food goes, I found out that the menu is western style, including pasta. Even though the selection is rather limited, it is tasty, but not the cheapest. Except for some utensils and the tray, everything else is made out of cardboard.

It is reassuring to know that at least the food doesn't taste like cardboard!

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