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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Additional Services At The Canis Resort, Germany

The Canis Resort in Freising, Germany, goes beyond providing luxurious and spacious accommodations for your dog. They also offer different services such as grooming.

Grooming is in the hands of experts who are experienced in treating any dog's coat. They provide skin care, and trimming of coat and nails. It doesn't come cheap; around $71.50 for a bath, blow-drying, and nail-trimming, and around a $136.50 for all the previous including a coiffure. The regular, daily coat-care is done by the dog sitters.

Training services are also present. According to the need, requirements, and age of your dog, professional dog trainers will design a training schedule. They will correct where necessary, teach them some new tricks, and inform you of their observations, points of concern, and provide solutions. This additional service costs $104 per hour, but would be well worth it to tighten the bond between you and your pet.

Your dog will not be in just any dog sitters' hands. The dog sitters at the resort go through an extensive training followed by an exam. The training is specifically geared towards practical skills, theoretical knowledge based on science, presentation, customer care, and quality management. Your dog will be well and lovingly taken care of!



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