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Friday, April 5, 2013

Casa Mila, Barcelona, Spain

This strange looking building can be found in Barcelona, Spain, and besides its original name 'Casa Mila' it is also referred to as La Pedrera which means 'The Quarry'.

It was designed and built by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí during the years 1906–1912 for the wealthy, married Mila couple.

Looking at the building, you can imagine at that time the out of the ordinary style and construction prodded lots of comments, controversy, and disapproval.

From an architectural standpoint however, it was an innovating work of art. It had a self-supporting façade, underground parking area, and separate lifts and stairs for owners and servants. All this was rather new and unusual for that period.

After the owner died, Casa Mila was sold and neglected for years. Deterioration set in, but it eventually was declared UNESCO World Heritage in 1984 and restored to its full glory in the late 1990s by the current owner the Caixa Catalunya Foundation.

The building was opened to the public in the first decade of the 21st century and offers plenty of activities for young and old, shows, exhibitions, seminars, concerts, workshops, spaces for lectures, meetings, and more.

It is accessible to everyone, caters to the hearing and vision impaired, and offers guided tours in several different languages. If you get a chance; pay it a visit. More information will follow soon, so stay with me!

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