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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Info On The Canis Resort in Freising, Germany

In case you thought I had mentioned all the additional services available for your dogs at the Canis Resort in Freising, Germany; think again. The health aspect of your four-legged friend is most certainly not being overlooked.

Physiotherapy is available as well and is around $20 for 15 minutes. A trip to the vet will cost $65 and you have the choice between three health packages varying from $156 to $182. Depending on age, a routine check-up, blood withdrawal and lab test, fecal examination on giardia, and urine analysis are done.

Another service is picking up your dog from, or taking your dog to the airport which costs $26 per trip. Picking it up at a different location equates to $0.77 per km (0.62 miles).

That leaves the question how much you would pay for just accommodations. If your dog can bare the company of its own species you will pay around $85 for day care and around $104 for an overnight stay. Having a lodge all to itself will come down to $130 a day and $156 per night.

Keep in mind that your pet needs to have all the valid and sufficient vaccination, because you will not be able to check it in if it doesn't. In case your dog needs a different diet then the balanced, healthy, organic, high-quality food the resort serves than inform them upon making reservations.

It may be a little costly, but even your best friend could use a nice vacation every now and then!



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