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Monday, June 3, 2013

A Day Trip On U.S. Highway 12

A nice little outing would be taking the route on U.S. 12 from laid-back Walla Walla in Washington to historic Lewiston in Idaho.

This stretch of highway is only 128 miles long, starts at the Columbia River and ends at Snake River. It will take you through some gorgeous landscape such as vineyards, wide open farmlands, and lush, green, rolling hills.

The area in the southeast corner of Washington State is far from busy. With hardly any traffic, you can drive at your leisure and take the time to soak in the impressive and relaxing scenery.

You really ought to set aside the entire day. Walla Walla, which is named after a Native American tribe, is an inviting, tourist-friendly city and will tempt you to linger and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere longer then you intended to.

You may even divert from your route by visiting more of the attraction Walla Walla County has got to offer. Besides majestic views of the several rivers, Blue Mountains, Banana Belt, and Ponderosa Pines, you also have the option to visit some of the national protected areas.

The McNary National Wildlife Refuge, Umatilla National Forest, and Whitman Mission National Historic Site are definitely worth your time. Therefore it wouldn't hurt to ensure you have plenty of that on your hands!



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