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Monday, June 10, 2013

Discounts And Accommodations

I came across some disturbing information pertaining to booking your hotel accommodations which not many of you may know. I sure didn't, but it is definitely something you want to keep in mind. It can prevent and avoid a lot of disappointment.

An article I came across made mention of how most hotels overbook. That is probably something you were already aware of and/or have experienced. Did you know though what happens when all the guests do show up and there is no more space available? You get 'walked' as they call it.

It means the hotel has to find you a room equal to what you booked at another hotel and pay for it. That may not always be done with your best interest in mind, especially not when you booked through an online discount travel-site. You may have gotten a large discount, but that also got you on the bottom of the list of importance.

Even when the hotel is not overbooked, the large discounts on the rooms you booked online could qualify you for the worst rooms a hotel may have. Don't be surprised, because the smallest profits are made on those discount reservations and the best rooms go to those guests who pay in full.

In case you are not happy with the accommodations, you may want to slip the front desk employee some greenbacks. In many cases this will ensure you either get a better room, or some freebies. It is a rather unconventional method, but apparently it works.

If it doesn't then don't let it spoil or ruin your vacation. You don't see much of the room anyway when you are exploring the environment or enjoying a deep sleep!



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