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Friday, July 19, 2013

Castel Meur, Brittany, France

This is a sight you are not likely to come across every day. This little house may look like it is being sandwiched between these majestic, pink-granite rock formations, but they are actually protecting it from the heavy winds and storms which ravage this part of the coast on a regular basis.

Castel Meur, also known under the names 'The House Between The Rocks', 'La Maison de Plougrescant', or 'La petite maison entre les rochers', was built in 1861 and is situated in Plougrescant, which is a small town in Brittany, France.

It has remained in the family and is momentarily in the possession of the heirs of the original builders and owners. Its gorgeous and unique location was a claim to fame and Castel Meur appeared on postcards to attract and increase the number of visitors to the area.

The postcards made it around the world and served their purpose; busloads of tourists made their way to this amazing location. That was not without consequences. Some tourists resorted to extreme measures trying to obtain a picture which included themselves and the little house.

The property and private residence suffered damage due to some bold actions of the tourists and the owner was forced to forbid any further commercialization of Castel Meur and visitors from approaching the house.

Castel Meur can now only be admired from a distance, but that is still a sight which will leave you in awe!



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