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Monday, July 22, 2013

Fire And Light: Cheap And Easy Camping Tips

Camping is not for everyone, but more and more people resort to it since it is much cheaper then booking a hotel room. They may come to the conclusion that this primitive way of spending their vacation is not bad at all and enjoy being so close to nature.

Being able to have a campfire only contributes to making the experience even more enjoyable. Making a campfire is easy when you have plenty of lighters and matches around, but not everyone does. I came across these cheap and simple tricks to start a fire.

Fill a cardboard egg container with charcoal. The cardboard ignites real quickly and will ensure the charcoal will catch fire. You can also bring some cotton pads with you which you previously soaked in wax; success guaranteed. A bag of Doritos will also do the trick; Doritos are excellent fire starters.

Having light is another essential. Make an instant lantern by pointing a lamp into a jug of water. You can also place a votive that runs on batteries into an empty, clear container, or make cheap candle stakes.

You can create the latter by drilling out about a quarter of the length of a candle at the bottom and placing it on top of a craft dowel. For the more adventurous individuals; mix baking soda and peroxide with Mountain Dew to brighten up the night.

How about making lights out of small tins? That is easily done with some cardboard and wax.

Ensure the cardboard is the depth of the tin. Pack the tin with the inside of the cardboard facing up. Ensure not to pack it too tight; that will flatten its pattern and hinder the wax from filling it.

Pour melted wax into the zigzag pattern of the cardboard and fill it up as much as possible.

These small 'torches' are pocket sized and therefore easy to carry. They also burn for several hours and with some easy strike matches on you, you can keep the darkness at bay for a long time!



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