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Monday, August 26, 2013

Daily Living: DIY Cheap And Easy Camping Tips

Being in the outdoors is bound to result in dirty clothes. Camping is all about simplicity, but that doesn't mean you have to walk around in dirty apparel all the time and you sure don't want to haul your entire closet with you either.

It is rather simple to make your own portable washing machine so to speak. You will need a decent size bucket with a lid, and a common toilet plunger. Make a hole in the center of the lid and ensure it is just wide enough for the handle of the plunger.

You will need to cut at least six holes the size of a quarter in the bottom of the plunger. This will prevent too many suds and is needed to take advantage of the full agitating and rotating action the plunger will provide.

In case this DIY project is not appealing to you then you can always opt to buy this handy device ready to go in camping stores or online. The principal is exactly the same as the home-made one. It will save you some time and effort, but it may be a little more expensive.

After completing your project, fill half of the bucket with hot water and detergent. As far as the latter goes; you can use about a third of what you would commonly use in your regular washing machine. Stick the plunder through the opening, close the lid and start plunging.

It won't take long before your laundry is clean. Don't forget the rinsing cycle though!



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