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Friday, August 16, 2013

Kids And Camping: Delight Or Disaster?

Visions of adventure and explorations, staying up late and huddling around a campfire gets the children all excited when they hear the word 'camping'. It has a special ring to it and they are all ready, set to go and looking forward to it.

Setting up the tent and settling in is still fun, but after a while reality sets in. No TV, no video games, and no comfortable couch to lounge on. Pesky, frightening insects are all around them and spooky, scary noises fill the air when darkness creeps upon them.

The joy can quickly turn into devastating boredom and that can spoil the entire trip for everyone, or even cut it short. Unless you keep them pleasantly busy that is. That shouldn't be too hard to do.

Making smores, crescent rolls wrapped around a hot dog or filled with marshmallows, cheese, or other goodies, can all be done over a campfire and are guaranteed to be a success. Did you know you can even roast Starburst? Roast them until they bubble and give it a try.

Another option is cooking cinnamon roles in a hollowed-out orange. Cut an orange in half, scoop it out, fill the halves with cinnamon roles out of a can, and place them on a baking sheet or in a large pan.

Cover the oranges with tinfoil, place over the fire, and let them bake. Make sure they don't burn by checking regularly. When done, add the icing and enjoy.

Let them work off the sugar rush with a scavenger/treasure hunt. How about going snipe hunting? Grin. Once they are good and tired, they will have no trouble sleeping and neither will you!



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