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Monday, September 2, 2013

Daily Living: More DIY Cheap And Easy Camping Tips

When you are on the go and gotta go it usually doesn't present much of a problem. There are shops and gas stations galore along the way to make a sanitary stop, but when you are out and about in the wilderness that is not the case.

You can at least assure you always have some toilet paper with you by recycling an empty coffee can. It is the perfect size to hold and protect it in a discreet way.

Not everyone is so inclined or looking forward to answering nature's call while being surrounded by nothing but nature. It can even be outright dangerous at times, especially in bear-country. You never know what might be picking up your scent.

I came across this emergency toilet which is a great and cheap solution for campers who decide to pitch their tent in the middle of nowhere. It is made out of a 5 gallon bucket and a crate and takes little time and effort to assemble.

Ensure the crate is large enough to fit over the bucket. Bolt a toilet seat in the center of the bottom of the crate, place the bucket underneath, and mark its outline. With a knife or jigsaw cut out the circle; the bucket should fit through the hole.

Attach legs to the corners of the crate so that the crate hovers about half an inch above the bucket and the toilet seat fits nice and snug against the top of it. You can use screws or nuts and bolts for fastening the legs, but cable ties will do just fine.

Move the spacer on the bottom of the toilet seat to a place where it doesn't hit the top of the bucket. It pops out easily and you can simply drill a new hole to move it. After having done that your emergency toilet is ready to go when you are!



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