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Monday, September 2, 2013

New Zealand's Many Surprises

For those of you who were disappointed with and in their last vacation destination, there is always next year. To avoid another disillusion though, you would do well to visit New Zealand.

You should reserve at least several weeks for this trip to paradise and the latter is not an exaggeration. New Zealand has practically everything under the sun you could ever hope to see in your life.

From rivers, waterfalls, snow-covered mountains, cliffs, beaches, deserts, forests, and wide-open, lush meadows, you name it and New Zealand has got it. You can even have your pick staying in one of the apartments in the vibrant cities or find lodging in the more desolated areas.

Most people would gravitate towards Wellington or Auckland, but how about Dunedin? This is New Zealand's second largest city on the South Island and is also referred to as the Edinburgh of the South, because it has been heavily influenced by the Scottish people throughout history.

You can see a lot of the Scottish heritage in many of the old buildings here. Being bored is out of the question since there is so much to see and do. Whether you like sight-seeing, getting engaged in all the local activities, or enjoy the outdoors, you will have a very busy agenda.

Most of the pastime in New Zealand is spent in the outdoors like skiing, all kinds of exhilarating water sports, fishing, boating, hiking, and so much more. You may be tempted by a Puppies for Sale sign and get a buddy to run the country side with. And that's fine as long as you don't leave it behind.

In case you rather escape the hustle and bustle of the city, you can opt for renting one of the many Holiday Houses which are available. Don't be surprised if the trip to and fro all the attractions and your rental is just as adventurous and amazing as the points of interest on your list.

The only disadvantage of accommodations outside the big cities is that it will put you further away from a hospital, doctor, and a dentist tauranga nz. It probably wouldn't cross your mind when booking, but it would be wise to at least jot down some phone numbers of nearby healthcare professionals and facilities just in case.

A vacation in New Zealand will not let you down. My suspicion is that when you get back, you can't wait to go back!



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