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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Replacing The Tent

We are planning on going camping this fall and winter, but this time we have warmed up to the idea of using a hammock instead of a tent. We got weary of having to set up several tents and contending with leaking air mattresses.

It may not seem like a hammock would provide the same protection and warmth as a tent, but experts tend to differ. This hammock comes with a protective cover to keep out wind and rain and the mosquito netting takes care of the bugs.

Additional warmth is provided by an under-quilt and the entire ensemble comes in a neat, small, light-weight package. That makes it ideal for hiking and back-country camping. A couple of trees are quickly and easily found.

We are more then ready to give it a try and ordered one to start with. The woods in the back of our yard are being cleared out from the underbrush for easy accessibility and we have plenty of trees back there to hang our hammock.

Since we are new to this, we figured it would be best to try it out close to home and get familiar with it, before we take it into the unknown. If the test goes well and we are happy with it we may order one for each of us.

Stay tuned for the experiences, results, conclusions, and verdict!



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