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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stamp Of Approval

We spent most of our Saturday afternoon on setting up and testing out the hammock, sky tent, and under quilt. We sure are glad we tried it in the neck of our woods. The backyard was close to our house, so in case we needed items like a machete and tent stakes, we could quickly get them.

We made due notice of what else we would have to bring along besides our camping gear. It wasn't much, but it would have taken up precious time to cut limbs and fabricate tent stakes for instance. That is no problem if you are an expert in and accustomed to setting it all up, but we weren't.

The sky tent went up first and did not present a problem. The hammock came next. We didn't experience any problems attaching it to the trees and through the sky tent. It took us a while to figure out though how high to hang it so it wouldn't hit the ground once we got in.

The home-made under quilt was a great success. It proved its worth at night and the only thing missing was a warm blanket as a cover. It also turned out that over night the hammock sagged substantially and almost hit the ground. A ridge line for the hammock solved that problem.

The test existed of trial and error. But hey, that's what tests are for. With our gained knowledge and experience, it should go up quicker the next time which makes the time involved setting up this sleeping arrangement shorter or equal to that of a simple tent.

It is much more comfortable though and doesn't require a lot of space and hauling around anything heavy. Breaking it down and packing it up was a piece of cake and done in a jiffy. Once we got the set-up down pad, it got our stamp of approval.

We like it better than a tent, but a little more practice is in order!



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