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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Light Display At Grand Bay, Alabama

I truly love those musical Christmas light displays. Yes, the ones where the lights come on, correspond, and are synchronized with the music. There is one not very far from us that is famous throughout our area and has been for several years now.

We took our grandchildren a couple of years ago to see it and they had a great time. Here is a little taste of the over 75.000 dancing lights.

The show can be found in Grand Bay, Alabama, and runs every night from Thanksgiving until New Year from 5:30 pm until 10:30 pm and you need to tune your radio to station 88.3 to hear the music to which the lights respond.

It is magical and fun for the entire family. This year however is your last chance to see it in this location. The family, who has put up this display eight years in a row as a gift to the community, is moving.

That is too bad for us, but a blessing for those whose city they are moving to; they can enjoy the family's light display next year.

We will take the opportunity to see the show one more time as soon as we get a chance before it leaves our premises forever, We will keep up with christmasalabama.com to see where they are moving to.

Hopefully, it is not too far away, so we can feast our eyes on this wonderful Christmas show again next year!



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