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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cool, Warm Equipment

I don't see us going anywhere sometime soon. The weather is too cold. That makes it a little too dangerous at present for venturing out and doing some camping or even traveling for that matter, unless the road of the latter leads to warmer regions.

If you are a real devoted camper, you can still find a great camping spot and stay toasty warm, in spite of the low temperatures. Experiences with our first endeavors concerning a hammock taught us that beside an under-quilt, a good warm cover was in order as well.

That would have to be something in the order of another quilt, but preferably a good sleeping bag. All good and well, but that also would mean more to haul around.

I wasn't the first one who came to that discovery and someone got the brilliant idea to combine all the necessary goodies and the hammock compatible sleeping bag was born.

Except for the hammock, it is all in one and then some. It doesn't present much of a problem to thread a hammock through the designated areas. It actually saves us the time to hang the hammock, attach the under-quilt, and get out and position the sleeping bag. We will soon put it to the test.

It sounds and looks cool, but we sure hope it works opposite!



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