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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Wildlife

I usually inform you about places to go, the prices charged, and the attractions and activities in the vicinity. Hardly ever do I mention anything about the wildlife you can run into, unless the area is notorious for encounters with dangerous animals.

You often don't have to go far to observe, admire, or outrun the fauna. It can be found right around the corner and at times even right outside your door. Believe me, I know what I am talking about; I am confronted with it every day.

Each day brings new surprises and they are not always very pleasant. I can't count the times when I discovered our storage building showed significant signs of gnawing on the wooden walls, corners, door, and bottom.

Plants and the Crape Myrtle in our backyard have not escaped the attention of the animal that roams our yard and were rigorously pruned. Our grass is rapidly disappearing due to the holes being dug and even the legs of our patio furniture bear teeth marks.

Yesterday, I found our window box hanging upside down and its contents scattered all through the yard.

When we step outside, we better stay on the patio. For some reason this particular animal has decided that is our territory.

Once we set one foot on the grass it thinks we want to play and we are fair game. You would suspect this is one hungry animal, but I know for sure it is not. It gets fed twice a day.

You would also suspect this is one dangerous and aggressive species, but I know for sure it is not. It loves to play and be petted.

This 'wild' life is just our dog!



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