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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Komodo Dragon

The likelihood you will encounter this giant lizard is slim to none, unless you visit Komodo, Rinca, Lombok, Gili Motong and/or Flores Island. These islands are part of the Republic of Indonesia which is located in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

The Komodo dragon was discovered in 1910. Their numbers have decreased substantially, not because they are being hunted, but due to humans hunting their favorite prey. Since there are momentarily less than 6,000 Komodo dragons left in the world (including those in captivity), this reptile is on the list of protected and endangered species.

It can grow as old as 50 years, reach a length of 10 feet, and can weigh over 155 pounds.

Its preferred habitat consists of dry, open grassland, savanna, tropical forest, and beach.

Looking at their slow movements while walking around, you wouldn't expect them to reach at least 12 mph in a split second, but it will. It is not only a fast runner, but also an excellent swimmer and will defy open sea by swimming from island to island in search of a mate or food.

They dig large holes to sleep in. Those burrows can usually be found on ridges near open water and are also used to ambush prey such as deer, carrion, and water buffalos.

Komodo dragons have also attacked people. That is not something you would want to happen as you will soon find out. So, if you ever encounter one you better keep your distance!



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