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Friday, April 18, 2014

Killer Sponges, Southern California

You have probably heard about the discovery of four new species of sponges which are found close to the coast of southern California. All four of them have been labeled as killer sponges, since they feed on Crustaceans and other small prey instead of plankton.

The sponges present no threat to humans, so you have nothing to worry about. Besides, the environment they live in is at such a depth, 1,800 feet below the surface, that the only way to admire and observe them would be by exploring the dark ocean floor with a deep-sea diver.

Since not all of us have the latter at our disposal, I suggest you simply watch the video below to learn more about them.

It was already known 20 years ago that some of the sponge species were carnivorous. Since then several new species have been found and these four are the latest ones. They sure don't look anything like what we would picture a sponge to look like, do they?

When push comes to shove, the existence of these so called killer sponges is not really something new. It is actually old news. Very old news when you consider they already were around during the Jurassic period.

That means these recently discovered sponges are the living dinosaurs of the deep-sea world!



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