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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Close To Home

I stay true to the name of this blog. I not only am all over the map, but take you there as well. I took you to Germany last week and decided to stay closer to home this time. A lot closer, as a matter of fact right up to our front door.

Several weeks ago we noticed some straws hanging from our wreath. We also had become aware of birds flying to and fro our front door, but we figured they would eventually wind up with a better place to build a nest.

They proved us wrong and ended up with a sturdy abode and 5 tiny eggs. Two of them hatched and the lightly feathered young ones are not only growing well, but diligently carry out the instructions given by their parents.

Our front door is not used very often, but when it opens the little ones don't move a muscle. They sit perfectly still and the only thing giving away they are alive is their breathing. Mom takes refuge on the power line, watches, waits, and returns when the coast is clear again.

We try to disturb them as little as possible and are mindful to close the door gently. The last thing we want to do is launching them out of the nest. It will still take a few more weeks before they are big enough to take flight.

What is the point of this story? Look around. Nature is beautiful and right before your eyes!



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