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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mako Shark Warning

Since most of us are magically drawn to sun, sand, and water, the beaches are extremely popular vacation destinations. Those sites are also prone to many accidents. The tides can draw you into the ocean, jelly fish can deliver nasty stings, but most dangerous are the sharks.

Bull sharks are notorious for often fatal attacks on people, but the Mako shark is the most aggressive of them all.

When you enter their territory, they will see you as a threat and act accordingly.

You just don't know when you come on their turf, because they live in warm as well as cold water and it doesn't matter whether it is deep or shallow.

Don't think you can out swim a Mako shark; these usually six to nine feet long sharks are the fastest swimmers among their species and can reach a speed of 60 to 75 mph.

It eats whatever it comes across that looks halfway appetizing, although it has a preference for herring, tuna, and swordfish. When it attacks a human it is not to devour the person, but to chase him/her out of its environment.

Mako sharks have recently been sighted and caught close to the coast of Florida. So, if you have plans going there; be careful and keep your eyes wide open!



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