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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Be A Kid With The Kids

With the kids being out of school for summer, it is nice not having to rush in the morning. Getting them fed, dressed, and ready to go can be a stressful event. Having them home takes away that pressure, but it can create other problems.

We are currently having our three grandchildren over for the summer. Their age ranges from one almost turning 5, one about to turn 7, and the other one almost 8 years old. Coupled with one being a girl and the other two boys, you can imagine their interests are prone to clash.

And they do with regular intervals. For instance, no one wants to watch the same TV show as the other one. Our solution is to let each one of them have their turn and pick what they want to watch. So far, that seems to work.

They are old enough to play some board games and they love it. Uno, Candy Land, and some other easy and simple board games are among their favorites. I Spy, painting, drawing, coloring, and creating clay art appeal to them as well.

A can of biscuits, some shredded cheese and pepperoni is great for making their own mini-pizzas and what little musical instruments they possess lead to a concert of great magnitude, although your ears may tend to differ. Grin.

There is one thing they like best of all and it is always a smashing hit; playing with them and their toys. I combine the doll house, play kitchen, and dolls with the trucks, monsters, and superheroes in one big adventure.

They will love it and so will you. Go ahead; kid around and you will agree it is nice being a kid again every now and then!



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