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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fourth Of July Fireworks

The Fourth of July is only a couple of days away and we all know what that means: family gatherings, barbequing, and.... fireworks of course!

Some of you may create their own fireworks show. Not everyone is so keen on taking a match to these colorful explosives though and for those there are plenty of opportunities to watch the spectacular display of illuminations from a safe distance.

Most towns and cities have a fireworks display planned at a specific time and a designated location. It is pretty simple these days finding out where that is. You can either use your computer or your Smartphone to find a list of places in and around your neighborhood where you can go to admire them.

Be sure to read up on where, how, and what. That could save you from some unexpected, unpleasant surprises, because some places may require an admission or parking fee. I would also recommend against waiting until the last minute. Those displays are well attended.

You may have to contend with a spot you are not too happy with. Should that be the case, then don't let it spoil the fun. There is no reason for that. The fireworks take place above you, high in the sky.

All you have to do is look up!



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